Quick Update - new metrics coming soon!

We know that average visit time and pages per session are two of the most highly-requested features, and we will implement them soon!

When adding the WooCommerce integration in version 1.17, we realized that major structural changes to the database were needed to attribute sales to the correct referrers/locations/campaigns. This took much longer than anticipated and slowed us down quite a bit. However, it set the groundwork for new metrics.

If you're running version 1.17 on your sites, you're actually recording sessions already. We aren't displaying this data yet, but behind the scenes, every visitor and their pageviews are being saved together as unique sessions.

When we add the Sessions metric to the dashboard, you will already have a few weeks of this data recorded. Furthermore, the implementation of session tracking enables us to calculate how long visitors spend on each page, how long their sessions last, and how many pages they visit per session. It also opens up the possibility for other exciting features, like a landing pages report. We hope to add these metrics in the next couple of updates.

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