v1.27 - The monthly email report is now an HTML email (no more PDF)

This update was all about removing the PDF report in favor of an HTML email.

The monthly email report is a feature available in Independent Analytics Pro.

Here's what the new email report looks like:

html-email-report.png 407.27 KB

With the PDF, we ran into a lot of formatting issues when splitting the report into multiple pages, which limited us to what we could fit nicely on one page. With the email report, you'll see all of the Quick Stats, a bar chart, and the Top 10 lists.

In addition to displaying more data, the email is also more likely to reach your inbox due to the removal of the attachment. It's also fully responsive, making it easier to access on mobile devices than the PDF.

The email is generated and delivered by your site, so maximum privacy is ensured. No images or external requests are made from the email.

What's next?

In the next update, we are going to make some crucial back-end changes. We'll be re-organizing the way we store visitor location data because it's currently causing issues with the accuracy of filtered results in the Geographic report. Additionally, these changes will vastly reduce the total amount of storage space Independent Analytics requires in the database. We'll have more specifics about this optimization in the next changelog post.

And once our next update is done, we'll be ready to tackle one of the most highly-requested features so far: device data!