v1.13 - Report URLs, IP Blocking, and User Role Permissions

It's been a month since our last update, but this one's a doozy. In version 1.13, we've added a few highly requested features.

Report URLs

You may have noticed that if you refresh the page, you lose your settings, such as the date range and filters. This is now a thing of the past.

The URL in your browser now updates as you make changes, so you can refresh the page and keep your current settings, and you can save URLs for later.

Basically, you can customize the dashboard until you're viewing something highly specific, like Blog posts with 100 or more views, and then copy that URL and save it somewhere, like Apple Notes or Notion. Then you can simply visit that URL again to pull up the same report without needing to set the filters again.

Learn more about report URLs

IP Blocking

If you're the only one working on your site, it's pretty easy to make sure you're always logged in, and then Independent Analytics won't record your visits.

But if you have a team, and many of them don't have logins, their activity can skew your data. This is why it's important to block these IP addresses, and now you can via the new IP blocking section added to the Settings menu

Learn how to block IPs

User role permissions

The last major feature of this update is the ability to grant permission to non-admins to view the analytics.

Up until now, only admins on the site could view the analytics, but there are many good reasons why you might want editors or other user roles to see this data too.

With the new User permission section in the Settings menu, it's simple to give other user roles analytics access.

Learn how to edit user permissions

And a small change: persistent dates

You'll probably notice that when you navigate between menus, the date no longer changes. We've found that this is the more user-friendly behavior and makes it easier to do things like find today's top pages and then today's top referrers and locations.

What's next?

In version 1.14, we hope to add some exciting new features for our Independent Analytics Pro users. Speaking of which, the 60% discount is still available for annual and lifetime subscriptions.

If you want a say in what we build next, head over to the Feature Request page to submit new ideas and upvote your favorites.