v1.15 - Real-time Analytics and Views/Visitors Growth

This update brings the second major feature to Independent Analytics Pro and valuable new insights for all users via the Views/Visitors Growth columns.

Real-time analytics

We're thrilled to release Real-time analytics, which has been requested quite a lot since the launch of Independent Analytics. This dashboard shows you how many people are on your site, what pages they're viewing, what sites referred them to you, and what countries they came from.

real-time-analytics-dashboard.png 352.43 KB

You can see a glimpse of the progress bar at the bottom of the page, which lets you know when the date is going to refresh. We settled on updating the dashboard every ten seconds, as this gives you enough time to read the data without it changing too rapidly (or taking too many server resources).

You can get the Real-time analytics dashboard now with a copy of Independent Analytics Pro, which is still on sale for 60% off until the end of Cyber Monday. After that, we'll be permanently reducing this discount.

The Real-time Analytics dashboard was definitely the "star of the show," but there's another awesome feature that everyone's getting.

Views Growth & Visitors Growth

Once you update to version 1.15, you'll find two new columns in the dashboard showing you how much more (or less) popular each page has become:

views-visitors-growth-columns.png 238.45 KB

This lets you rapidly uncover your growing and "slowing" pages. You can sort by the highest/lowest growth in a single click, and these columns are available in the Referrers, Geographic, and Campaigns dashboards too.

Other fixes and updates

Besides those two changes, we've also added the ability to white-label the analytics dashboard for non-admins and included support for blocking IP addresses with wildcards.

There's also been a bug affecting some users' ability to view the data table, and that's been sorted out.

Overall, this has been a pretty big release for us. In our next update, we're looking to improve the dashboard performance for bigger sites and add scheduled email reports. 

There are SO many other features we can't wait to implement, from WooCommerce sales data to the Time on Page metric. Know that we're hard at work, bringing as many of these tools to our users as fast as we can.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new update!