v1.17 - WooCommerce Integration, Email Reports, and Ignoring Users by Role

This release is huge! 

It took much longer than we expected, but we're thrilled to finally go live with version 1.17. Here's what it includes:

WooCommerce integration (PRO)

For Pro users, we have a brand new integration with WooCommerce. This adds new columns that display data like your orders, refunds, and net sales to the Referrers, Geographic, and Campaign reports.

This will make it easy to compare the performance of various marketing channels and campaigns.

Learn more about the WC integration

Email reports (PRO)

Another exciting update for Independent Analytics Pro is the addition of email reports. The monthly email report can be configured rapidly from the Settings menu and will send out a neat PDF report like this:

Learn more about Email reports

Ignore user by role

One of the best parts of Independent Analytics is its native integration with WordPress. It allows us to ship features that are way easier to use than competing analytics products like Google Analytics.

With the new user role blocking feature, you can ignore views from any user role in just a few clicks.

For membership sites, this will be extremely useful because you can simultaneously track logged-in Subscribers while ignoring traffic from the Admins and Editors.

Learn more about user role blocking

Improvement to referrer attribution

Due to better attribution, you will see your Direct views decrease in the Referrers report while views to other traffic sources will increase. Up until now, the number of views attributed to the Direct referrer has been inflated.

New metrics coming soon!

The WooCommerce integration required a lot more back-end changes than we anticipated, which is why it took us over a month to get this release out. Well, that along with the (welcome) disruption caused by year-end holidays ;)

As part of this release, we had to create session tracking to attribute WC sales to the proper referrer. You will not see Sessions appear in the dashboard just yet, but most of the work is already complete. This has opened the door for other highly anticipated metrics, like Average Time on Site and Pages Per Visit. We hope to have these metrics added to the dashboard soon, as they should be relatively easy to implement now that session tracking has been added.