v1.18 - Improved WooCommerce Integration

This update primarily improved the WooCommerce integration for PRO users, and added a few other bug fixes.

Three new WooCommerce metrics (PRO)

If you customize the columns in the Referrers, Campaigns, or Geographic menus, you'll find three new metrics for WooCommerce:
  • Conversion Rate
  • Earnings Per Visitor
  • Average Order Volume

woocommerce-metrics.png 218.1 KB

These metrics make it even easier to find your most profitable marketing tactics. 

Before, you may have sorted your referrers by Net Sales to see which ones have generated the most revenue.

Now, you can do things like sort by the conversion rate, which will uncover referrers that may not have created many sales but have converted very effectively. These are the best channels to double down on and try to grow further.

WooCommerce metrics in the Quick Stats and Chart (PRO)

In our first iteration of the WC integration, we only added columns. Now, you can see your Orders and Net Sales in the Quick Stats of every page as well as in the charts.

woocommerce-analytics.png 482.87 KB

Other improvements

Other improvements to Independent Analytics include:
  • A fix for the view counter shortcode, which was always showing "0" views on archive pages
  • Updates to the Danish translation
  • Integration with the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin by Colorlib
  • Corrected sorting for the Top Ten lists in the PDF report (PRO)

What's next?

The next update is going to add a new metric called "sessions." You may be familiar with sessions already, but here's the idea...

If someone visits your site and views five pages, Independent Analytics would record 1 visitor and 5 views. With the next update, this would also record 1 session. Likewise, if that same visitor returned the next day and viewed only 1 page before leaving, your analytics would show a total of 1 visitor, 6 views, and 2 sessions.

In other words, sessions group views that occur together, giving you a better reading of how often someone arrives on your site and explores it. This metric will also open up the door for session-based metrics, such as pages per session and average session duration.