v1.19 - New Sessions Metric

In this update, we've added the new Sessions metric to the dashboard:

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Sessions are reported in the stats, chart, and in a new data table column. This means you can also sort and filter pages/referrers/geolocations by sessions.

You will see Sessions data immediately because we started tracking them internally in version 1.17. For that reason, you may see Sessions recorded from the past month but not any further back than when you updated to 1.17.

What is a session?

A session is a single experience someone has with your website. For instance, if someone visited your blog, read five posts, and left, this would be counted as 1 visitor, 5 views, and 1 session. If they return the next day, view one page, and leave, the new totals would be 1 visitor, 6 views, and 2 sessions.

Figuring out when a session has ended is difficult, but we've decided to use a 30-minute cut-off, which is what Google Analytics does too. In other words, if someone does not view a new page within 30 minutes, the session is concluded, and any future page views will be counted toward a new session.

Coming up next

Now that sessions are fully implemented, we are getting ready to add more metrics, like Pages per Session and Average Session Duration.

We also have a number of performance updates we'd like to include. For large sites, the dashboard can load quite slowly, especially the Geographic menu. Additionally, there are some duplicate data in the database that we can clean up, and this may greatly reduce the amount of space that Independent Analytics takes up in the database.