v1.20 - new Comments column + bug fixes

In version 1.20, we've done a lot of housekeeping. There were many small bug fixes and code improvements that will make IA even more reliable and hardy moving forward.

While critical, we know these kinds of updates are boring, so we also tossed in a fun new feature 🙂

New Comments column

In the Pages report, you can now display the Comments column:
Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 9.18.48 AM.png 28.74 KB

This column shows how many comments each post/page has received in the given time period.

While you can find total comments in the Posts menu, we thought it'd be cool to see the number of comments in a given period. If any post is getting a lot of engagement via the comments, it could be a good idea to feature it on your site to boost engagement even further.

Like other columns, you can also sort and filter by the number of comments.