v1.22 - Mobile-friendly design & many bug fixes

If you tried viewing your analytics on your phone in the past, we're sorry.

It was a complete garbled mess, but no longer! Independent Analytics is now just as beautiful and intuitive on mobile devices as desktop monitors.

mobile-update.png 505.94 KB

The table was completely unusable before but is now readable and easy to navigate. There's vertical scrolling to scan through your rows and horizontal scrolling to navigate through the columns.

The mobile design was the biggest feature of this update, but we also fixed numerous bugs, the most prominent of which was the REST API notice.

We have a method of testing whether the REST API is enabled or not, but as it turns out, this is much more complex than we anticipated. We inadvertently ended up displaying these notices on sites due to false positives.

In v1.22, we stripped out our automated checks entirely so that warning only displays if you're using a plugin that is definitely blocking the REST API, like Disable WP REST API.

There's one more aspect of version 1.22 that we need to discuss...

Session duration coming soon!

We really wanted to include the Average Session Duration metric in this release, but we couldn't quite get there. We have the functionality working, but the queries were taking too long and making the dashboard too slow.

We're in the midst of optimizing these queries now, which will allow us to ship this feature without slowing down the dashboard. We expect to include the Average Session Duration metric in our next update, v1.23.