v1.28 - Huge database optimization + campaign delete button

In this update, we took a break from feature development to focus on back-end optimizations.

These optimizations resulted in savings of around 20% in data storage. Here are the results from a few of our test sites:

Site 1: 32MB -> 23MB (28%)
Site 2: 213MB-> 168MB (21%)
Site 3: 15MB -> 13MB (13%)   

Up until now, we'd been storing the location of each visitor in the database, which caused a lot of redundant data. For instance, if 100 people in Paris visited your site, then "Paris" would be saved 100 times in the database (along with "Île-de-France," "France," and "Europe").

Now, we only save a location once and give it an ID. So those 100 visitors only need an ID, like 35, to reference the location instead of including full location data. This allowed us to delete tons of redundant data, leading to a huge decrease in total storage. 

Data accuracy fix in the Geographic report

This optimization was also part of a larger correction to data in the Geographic menu. For sites with large amounts of data, when adding a filter in the Geographic menu, it was possible to experience a limit that would artificially lower the number of views/visitors reported. That has now been fixed.

You should also notice the Geographic report loading considerably faster

You can now delete campaigns in the campaign builder

For our Pro users, we added the option to delete previously created campaigns in the Campaign Builder menu.

campaign-delete-button.png 183.85 KB

It's pretty easy to make a mistake or create a link you don't end up using, and it's annoying to see it taking up space in the Campaign Builder menu. The new delete button is a simple way to clean up your workspace and remove unwanted campaigns.

Device data report coming soon!

Now that we've gotten these back-end fixes out of the way, we're ready to dive into the device data report!

This is going to be the first new report we've added since the Geographic report, so we're really excited about this feature. It also has more upvotes than any feature so far!

We do our best to stick to a bi-weekly release schedule, but we will likely need more time, given the scale of this feature. We'd love to have it ready in two weeks, but realistically, it may be closer to four.