v1.30 CSV exports + landing page reporting

1.30 is here with a handful of awesome new features! 

The first we'll look at is the new CSV exporting option, which expands greatly upon the prior CSV options available in the Settings menu.

CSV exporting

The CSV export options we had up until now were admittedly lame, but now you have a ton of control over the data you export.

You'll find a new Download CSV button on the right side of the toolbar in every report.

download-csv-toolbar.png 153.86 KB

Just click the button, and the data you're viewing will be exported to CSV. It will export the same data you see in the dashboard, so you can customize the date range, filters, columns, and sorting before exporting to modify the resulting CSV.

The export process is extremely fast, so it will only take a few seconds for the CSV to download, even with large volumes of data.

More info here: How to Export Your Data to CSV

Entrances, Exits, and Exit Rare columns

We've had requests for a "landing pages" report, and we decided that instead of creating a whole new report, adding an Entrances column to the Pages report would be even more valuable.

entrances-column.png 47.87 KB

This way, you get all the data already available in the Pages report, and you can simply enable and sort by the Entrances column to find your top landing pages.

In addition to entrances, you'll also find columns for Exits and Exit Rate.

entrances-exits-columns.png 249.18 KB

These columns will show you the total exits of each page and how often a page is the last page in a session whenever it's viewed. We have more detailed explanations of the metrics here:

What are Entrances, Exits, and Exit Rate?

Saved Reports coming soon!

We originally planned to implement Saved Reports over a year ago! But there have been so many other highly requested features that we couldn't delay, so Saved Reports kept getting kicked to a future release. Now, we're finally ready to add this feature, and it's going to be a game-changer.

Saved Reports will allow you to make changes to any report and then save it to revisit quickly in the future. You'll be able to create an entire suite of custom analytics reports catered to the needs of your website.

This is gonna be a big one, and we can't wait to ship this feature and see what everyone thinks.